Tanya Styblo Beder, Chairman

Ms. Beder is Chairman and CEO of SBCC Group where she heads the global strategy, risk, fintech/regtech, and asset management practices. Previously, Ms. Beder held senior positions as CEO of Tribeca Global Management LLC, a $3 billion multi-strategy fund with trading operations in New York, London and Singapore and Managing Director of Caxton Associates LLC, a $10 billion asset management firm headquartered in New York. Ms. Beder is a Director of the American Century mutual fund complex in Mountain View, California, where she chairs the Risk Committee and serves on the Portfolio and the Audit & Compliance Committees. She also is a Director of two public companies, CYS Investments (NYSE:CYS) where she chairs the Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee, serves on the Audit Committee and served on the Compensation Committee; and, Nabors Industries (NYSE:NBR) where she serves on the Risk Oversight and Technology & Safety Committees. She was appointed to the Presidents’ Circle of the National Academies after serving 6 years at the National Academy of Sciences on the Board of Mathematics and their Applications. Ms. Beder is an author of the book Financial Engineering, The Evolution of a Profession, which discusses the uses and misuses of derivatives and complex instruments and their role in the global financial system.

At SBCC, Ms. Beder’s clients include banks, asset management companies, broker dealers, exchanges, family offices, pension funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, insurance companies and corporations from around the world. She especially works with Stakeholders in assessing their firm’s position in the current financial landscape. Her consulting clients have included banks, broker dealers, insurers, hedge funds and companies such as CalPERS, Microsoft, Metropolitan Life, Bankers Trust, Orange County, The Common Fund, Alliance Capital, Credit Lyonnais, National Australia Bank, Mitsubishi Bank, Grupo Financerio, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board, PT Cibinong, Anglo Irish Bank, among hundreds of firms on six continents. Ms. Beder also founded and served as President of Capital Market Risk Advisors and was a Vice President of The First Boston Corporation (now Credit Suisse) where she focused on mergers and acquisitions in London and New York and then on mortgage-backed securities, derivatives trading and fixed income research.

Previously Ms. Beder was a Director of Op Hedge, an administrator to the asset management industry, prior to its combination with Citco. For five years, she was Chairman of the International Association of Quantitative Finance and served on its board for 20 years, currently serving as Director Emeritus. Euromoney named Ms. Beder one of the top 50 women in finance around the world and The Hedgefund Journal named her one of the 50 leading women in hedge funds. While CEO of Tribeca, Absolute Return awarded the prestigious Institutional Investment Manager of the Year Award.

In academia she holds the appointment Lecturer at Public Policy at Stanford University (previously Lecturer at Law) where she teaches a graduate course, “The Future of Finance.” She also is on NYU Courant’s Mathematical Finance Advisory Board, an appointed Fellow of the International Center for Finance at Yale, a Trustee of the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics, a National Science Foundation Math Institute at UCLA, and previously served on Columbia University's Financial Engineering Program Advisory Board. Ms. Beder has taught numerous courses on the adjunct faculty of Yale, Columbia and the New York Institute of Finance.

She appeared as an expert in the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services regarding Mark-to- Market Accounting and whether financial firms in the current crisis should follow different rules for valuing complex derivatives and mortgage securities such as CDOs. Previously she appeared as an expert before the United States Congressional Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Finance regarding derivatives and leverage, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development regarding risk in the global financial landscape, IOSCO regarding valuations, the U.S. Senate Special Committee regarding the Year 2000 Technology Problem and the World Bank and IMF regarding private equity and hedge funds. Ms. Beder has written numerous articles in the financial area that have been published by The Journal of Portfolio Management, The Financial Analysts Journal, The Harvard Business Review, The Journal of Financial Engineering, Probus Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, and Simon & Schuster. She guest-lectures and speaks to industry and academic audiences around the world.

Ms. Beder holds degrees from Harvard and Yale.


Ms. Beder’s line and consulting experience includes provision of services to over 120 clients on six continents across a broad array of global, regional and national firms:


Global full-line firms
Hedge funds
Private equity funds
Endowments & Foundations
Insurance Companies
Traditional & alternative investment managers
Mutual fund complexes
Pension funds
Special purpose vehicles


Corporations (Fortune 500 and Private)
Software Vendors
Rating Agencies
Accounting and Law Firms

Assignments have covered virtually all sectors of the financial markets, including:

Fixed Income Securities
OTC and Exchange-Traded Derivatives
Mortgage-backed Securities
Emerging Markets
Credit Instruments and Markets
Structured Notes
Asset-backed Securities
Municipal Securities
Alternative Asset Classes